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Concrete Cutting

Concrete Cutting Sydney offers a range of specialised concrete sawing services, including floor and road sawing, wall and track sawing, hand sawing, electric and hydraulic sawing, and concrete removal (upon request).

Concrete sawing is the perfect solution for penetrating or opening concrete floors and walls to allow access to pathways, windows, doorways etc. It’s also useful in demolition work to break up and remove a cracked driveway or footpath.

Road Sawing
Road Sawing is an essential part of the construction of paved walkways, pedestrian paths and passageways which may also require expansion cutting on finished concrete surfaces. Concrete Cutting Sydney also works closely with plumbers when it comes to delicate projects like opening trenches for pipe work. The roads we drive on are also built utilising the process of road sawing.

Concrete Cutting Sydney is the leader when it comes to concrete road sawing and walkways. We are efficient and disciplined in sawing roads and concrete passageways. The road saw we use is a powerful machine designed to cut flat asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Wall Sawing
Wall sawing provides an efficient means of cutting door and window openings. There are two preferred methods of wall sawing, a hand held system and a track mounted system.

With the track mounted system the saw has a circular blade on a track mounted hydraulic driver head. The track can be mounted on vertical walls , which is typically specified for cutting precise openings in concrete structures. Wall sawing gives you the smoothest finish cutting down on installation time of windows and doors and provides greater flexibility to accommodate for all shapes and sizes.

Concrete Cutting Sydney will determine the correct method on an individual job basis. Concrete Cutting Sydney uses only the best equipment so as to provide full control over both vertical and horizontal wall sawing jobs.

Hand sawing
At Concrete Cutting Sydney we specialise in all forms of Hand sawing cutting depths up to 270 mm thick in floors and walls. When access is limited for concrete cutting or cutting of other surfaces such as brick, hand sawing is the most versatile of techniques. We use the latest equipment and utilise Husqvarna Hand Saws as our primary tools for this type of work. We find it is the most convenient for cutting floors, walls and expansion cuts in specific areas that are highly inaccessible for road saws.

Ring Sawing
Ring sawing is the convenient process for cutting concrete, double brick walls, core filled block walls other materials. Ring saws have exceptional cutting depths of 270mm, which is extremely useful for cutting block and concrete walls. These machines are hand held, which provide the convenience of cutting floors in areas that are hard to reach for a road saw. Ring sawing enables a high cutting capacity and allows for deep cuts. It is the quickest method for small and medium-sized cuts.

Concrete Cutting Sydney uses only quality machinery, the Husqvarna ring saw is a petrol driven hand-held saw with a cutting depth of up to 270mm.

Hydraulic Sawing
Hydraulic sawing creates no fumes or dust, which makes it the ideal machinery for internal projects. These saws can be used for cutting floor and walls and are ideal for use in confined spaces. At Concrete Cutting Sydney we use the latest equipment and utilise Husqvarna concrete cutting hydraulic saws as our primary tools for this type of work.

Electric sawing
Electric sawing is most commonly used for small sized concrete cutting jobs such as concrete chasing, concrete cutting pipes and concrete cutting lintels. Electric sawing enables cutting on internal projects such as bathroom renovations and floor chasing.

Concrete Cutting Sydney are specialists in the concrete cutting & core drilling field, contact us today and our professional team will be able to assist you with finding the best solution for your job requirements. Rest assured that your project will be completed in a professional and timely manner by some of the most qualified concrete cutting and core drilling contractors in Sydney.

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